DMK forging systems use forging technology that has been used in the industry since 2001. DMK manufactured systems are updated with the latest safety and industrial standards using top of the line components from industry leaders.

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Lubrication Headers

DMK Lubrication headers are optimized for multiple lines to a one or multiple press hookup. Pressurized lubricant is supplied by an external system and distributed by DMK’s lubricant header. Valves can be operated either directly via press or external communication bus.

Dispersion Headers

DMK Dispersion headers is a huge step in advancement to lubricating dies. DMK Dispersion Headers contain a pressurization system which lubricant is transferred from an external tank and pressurized before dividing into separate individual lines. Furthermore each line can be individually adjusted manually for the desired flow rate.

The transfer pump works independently to maintain the pressure to a set level. Each individual lubricant line can be operated either directly via press or external communication bus.

Mixing-Dilution Stations

DMK Mixing dilutions stations consist of portable or permanent systems. Portable systems are mounted on a trolley-cart so that they can be moved from lubrication storage to the press.

The permanent systems are designed so that the lubricant is brought next to the system and the system automatically dilutes the lubricant. The user can then transfer the lubricant to their current lubrication system.

Tank capacities can be customized nearly to any size, but typical operating volumes for portable solutions is about 200L/53gal. Permanent installations range from 500L to 2000L or more (132gal, to 528gal)

All systems come in 1 or 2 tank options. A 1 Tank option mixes dilutes and transfers lubricant from the single tank, great for small spaces.

The 2 tank option, Tank 1 mixes and dilutes, and tank 2 transfers the lubricant. This allows for interruption free transfer and consistent lubrication film quality

Lubrication Systems

DMK Lubrication systems incorporate CMT Technology to provide accurate die-lubrication for continuous quality and low pollution.

Network Systems

Network systems are a complete packaged solution for old and new forging shops. These systems dilute lubricant at a central location and transfer lubrication to each individual forging press. This reduces redundant manual lubricant mixing and housekeeping costs and improves the quality and consistency of the lubricant.