DMK has worked together with seamless tube industry leaders, as a result DMK has developed and now produces next generation technologies for current and new processes for the seamless tube industry

Mandrel Bar Lubrication Systems

DMK has developed new methodologies and process improvements that allow for even better film quality, lubricant adhesion while reducing surrounding pollution.

Deoxidation Systems

DMK has developed a new age deoxidation system pricinple that allows for accurate and nearly instantaneous dosing of deoxidant. Furthermore, DMK deoxidation nozzle system technology improves the quality of dosing from front to back of the shell.

Billet-Shell Coating

DMK’s next generation seamless tube technology coats the surface of the shell or billet when heated to temperatures of 500C or greater. This technology reduces scale loss in the furnace and subsequent processes up to 90% and improves product quality helping producers meet industry standards.

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